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Better Start Foundation is looking for incredible leaders who describe themselves as youth advocates, community builders, and positive change-makers. If that sounds like you, read on.

We connect youth in Central Arkansas to everything they need to excel in school, career, and life. We are a youth-driven, innovative organization committed to doing whatever it takes to help our youth succeed in finding and pursuing their passions to build a stronger, wealthier community. We are youth-driven, innovative, and committed to doing whatever it takes to help find their green light to be great.

At this time, we're looking for excited individuals to fill the following positions on the Better Start Foundation Advisory Board:


  • Social Emotional Learning SME

  • Academic Readiness SME

  • Financial Empowerment SME

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences SME

  • Governmental Affairs SME

  • Fund Development SME

  • Communications and Marketing SME

  • Executive Coaching SME

  • Educational Programming SME

  • Grant Writing SME

  • Academic Readiness SME

 Advisory Board Member Responsibilities and Guidelines


  1. Attend biannual advisory board meetings and other events/functions (as available ). Review agenda and supporting materials prior to advisory board meetings.

  2. Be informed about the program(s), its students, curriculum, services/supports, and activities and inform others.

  3. Share developments in the field.

  4. Provide support and advice to program(s), assist in the development of new programs, and identify best practice standards.

  5. Serve as an ambassador and advocate to the program(s) providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with practitioners in the field and other external contacts.

  6. Realistically assess the labor market demand for program graduates and advise the program to ensure it produces graduates with the skills required to meet employment needs.

  7. Assess the currency of curriculum and teaching practice. Work with program staff and other board members to ensure that the program is delivering learning that is current, up to date, and relevant to current business, industry, labor, and professional employment practices.

  8. Assist with program marketing and promotion.

  9. Assist in identification and acquisition (when appropriate) of external funding and resources to support the students and program (e.g. scholarships, program materials, other resources).

  10. Identify and present opportunities for students and/or host students for capstone projects or experiences.

  11. Assist in the identification and recruitment of new board members.

  12. Provide recommendations for topic presenters for advisory board meetings.

  13. Consider becoming a monthly donor.

  1. Advisory Board Meetings

    Advisory board meetings will be held on a bi-annual schedule (fall and spring) and will be of appropriate length to maintain the support, interests, and involvement of advisory board members. Effective and efficient meetings are critical to the success of the advisory board. It is at meetings where discussion and deliberation of important matters are translated into decisions and recommendations regarding the ongoing growth, development, and enhancement of the youth development foundation.

    Advisory Board Member Compensation

    There will be no formal compensation for advisory board members. BSF will cover all site costs associated with the advisory board meetings such as space rental, technology costs (conference call/video conferencing, equipment rental, technicians, and other), food services, and parking. Costs related to travel (mileage, accommodations, and other expenses) will be the responsibility of the advisory board member

If I am elected to serve on BSF's Advisory Board, I agree to service for at least 2 years, and will consider becoming a monthly donor with an amount of my capacity *
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