Better Start Founder & President named to Little Rock Mayor's Transition Education Committee

On Friday, Jan. 25, the transition board for Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. announced the names of individuals who will participate in subcommittees to develop recommendations to the Scott administration. More than five hundred people submitted applications for positions on eight subcommittees. Selection criteria included: demonstrable experience related to subcommittee subject matter; detailed explanation of qualifications and desire to serve; diversity presented (socio-economic, race, gender, disability status, age, etc.); and city ward representation.  

Subcommittee chairmen, transition board member and members are:

Education: Sen. Joyce Elliott, Chairman, and John Rutledge

Amy Benton

Ryan Davis

Bill Dillard

Aminah Eddings

Chris Hancock

Andrea Lewis

Raymond Long

Stacy McAdoo

Lara Blume McGee

Melissa Mitchell

Ali Noland

Vicki Saviers

Emma Willis

Laveta Wills-Hale