Better Start Foundation Commits to Long Term Growth by starting Charitable Fund at Arkansas Community Foundation.

Better Start Foundation is youth development foundation that offers holistic youth development to children living low socioeconomic communities.

The foundation’s mission is to connect people, cultivate resources, and create solutions that ignite the upward social mobility of children and youth.

Arkansas Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities. The Community Foundation offers tools to help Arkansans protect, grow and direct their charitable dollars as they learn more about community needs. By making grants and sharing knowledge, the Community Foundation supports charitable programs that work for Arkansas and partners to create new initiatives that address the gaps. Since 1976, the Community Foundation has provided more than $156 million in grants and partnered with thousands of Arkansans to help them improve our neighborhoods, our towns and our entire state.

“As Better Start Foundation sets up its infrastructure to become one of the most financially thriving nonprofits in Arkansas this collaboration made sense. Collaboration is one of our core values at BSF which is why we set this fund up so that Arkansas philanthropists who are passionate about youth development can send their philanthropic dollars to a trusted source. Our charitable fund also makes giving a seamless process for those who already have charitable funds set up at Arkansas Community Foundation. Donors can request inter-transfers to the Better Start Foundation fund. We also value the knowledge that Arkansas Community Foundation provides which makes our nonprofit more intelligent stewards of funds the community trust us with."

Raymond Long Founder + President.